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Reduce Perishable Losses

Each year, suppliers of perishables ship over 5 billion pallets of chilled meats, seafood, cheese, produce and temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals valued at $2.6 trillion. Yet the cold chain is plagued by multi-billion dollar breakdowns. Poor in-transit product management results in $35 billion in annual perishable produce waste alone. And an estimated 50% of these losses are due to temperature excursions.

Much of this waste is avoidable. For example, many facilities make accept or reject decisions on whole trailer loads based merely on samplings taken from 3-4 cases on 3-4 pallets on the trailer. In reality, the number of compromised products on that load could be far less.

The iGPS Solution

iGPS provides the only solution on the market that wraps full-trailer and pallet-level temperature monitoring, with full recall authority, into a single package.

Assuring Quality Products

Full-trailer and pallet-level temperature monitoring is the standard, differing greatly from the monitoring of select cases or single points on a trailer. While an improvement over no monitoring, built-in or 3rd party reefer loggers and case tags do not show the significant variability that occurs on every trailer in the cold chain today. Below is a sampling of what the iGPS solution can provide for you.

Single Produce Shipment - 3 Day Transit
Actual Pallet by Pallet Temperatures for a Single Shipment of Mixed Produce

Upon receipt, the iGPS solution provides an immediate view into any temperature excursions, for every single platform or cart, on the trailer load. Imagine the cost savings and waste reduction your supply chain could realize if they had the appropriate information to reject single platforms, as opposed to entire trailer loads. Imagine also, the ability to modify stock rotations, depending on the severity, duration, and frequency of temperature excursions. Every iGPS temperature platform and cart includes a best-in-class programmable temperature monitoring device. Sampling intervals are programmable from 1 minute to 5 days, and includes an offset capability. The operating range is -30ºC to +70ºC. Depending on environmental factors, temperature accuracy is .5ºC to .9ºC above the allowable variance.

Optimize Labor Performance

Optionally, the iGPS solution includes functionality to not only track how long it takes to complete a store assignment, but it will also create the most optimal store assignment for your dock workers, depending upon available inventory, best before dates, and product location. The voice picking aspect of this solution makes it easy to complete store assignments quickly, and with the correct product.

Visualize Data, Immediately

iGPS will help you sift through mountains of temperature data, and jump to the most critical patterns, with a host of beautiful data visualizations. Whether you want to locate mis-handled product, pinpoint a poorly performing partner, or simply have tools for your dock workers to make immediate decisions about received product, iGPS has a solution for you. The possibilities are endless.

With the iGPS solution, data extracted from the platform device, is immediately published to a secure data store, whether locally or on the internet. In seconds, this information is in front of those who need to know.

Full Recall Authority

At best, recall exercises will help you point out holes in your, or a partners, standard operating procedures. At worst, a full product recall, could lead to significant brand damage, as time drags while your supply chain attempts to understand where that lot went. In-between is a compliance risk, depending on where you do business. Whether required now, or in the near-term, provide your organization with full recall authority through the iGPS solution. Our is compliant with the most thorough and stringent traceability standard, GS1 ( It extends the tracking of required data, such as SSCC, GTIN, Lot #, and Best Before Dates, through the entire supply chain, even linking this information across containers (for store picks).


Assuring food quality, providing full recall authority, optimizing labor performance, and immediate and appropriate access to useful data, are just parts of the iGPS solution. Armed with the actionable data provided by the iGPS solution, all parties in the supply chain can not pinpoint root causes of temperature failures, but also know the impact on shelf life, enabling retailers to optimize their inventory dynamically, based on real-time shelf life.


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