The World's Most Advanced Pallet 

iGPS' plastic pallets are far superior to the best wood alternatives. Among other advantages, plastic pallets are more durable, with a longer life cycle, consistent in size, shape and weight, lighter, hygienic and impervious to infestation. Unlike wood pallets – which are more susceptible to damage, putting shipped goods at risk – iGPS' plastic pallets are:  

Lightweight, ergonomic and easy to handle

iGPS' pallets weigh less than 50 pounds. Because they are 35% lighter than their wood counterparts, they are easier to handle, lower the likelihood of injury and offer tremendous savings in transport costs. 

Durable with a longer life cycle

iGPS plastic pallets are exceptionally durable and maintain their standardized 48" x 40" dimensions throughout their life. Wood splinters, protruding nails, jammed equipment and damaged loads are a thing of the past. 

Traceable and trackable using an RFID tag

By using iGPS' RFID-tagged pallet pool, customers now have the ability to track the location of each unitized load of products throughout the supply chain. 


The iGPS fleet of pallets consists mainly of pallets that have been certified by UL and FM or UL only.  There is always a small percentage of pallets that are in circulation that do not have certification from either UL or FM due to ongoing R&D and durability testing. See pallets specification table for further information (click here).
 Reliable, consistent size, shape and weight
iGPS' plastic pallets are exceptionally reliable and, unlike wood, do not warp, shrink, or absorb moisture. Each pallet is 48" x 40", holds 2,800 pounds (edge rackable) and exceeds the Grocery Manufacturers of America (GMA) standards. 
 Hygienic and immune to contamination 
Because they are made of plastic, insects cannot penetrate iGPS' pallets. Unlike wood, iGPS plastic pallets do not require fumigation or heat-treatment. An iGPS plastic pallet requires only a simple washing before being returned to the pool. 
 Environmentally responsible
iGPS' plastic pallets are 100 percent recyclable, and won't end up in a landfill when destroyed. If a pallet is damaged, its resin is reground and remolded into new pallets. Our pallets help preserve fossil fuels as well. Replacing all wooden pallets with plastic would remove billions of pounds of non-value freight from America's shipping and supply-chain infrastructure, resulting in huge fuel savings.
 Cost effective
By renting an iGPS pallet from our shared pool, companies are relieved of the expense of owning and maintaining their own inventory of pallets, freeing them to focus their capital expenditures on their core businesses.

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