Product damage in the supply chain is a multi-billion dollar problem. According to the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), the grocery industry alone sustains nearly $20 billion in damaged merchandise yearly. While there are many causes of product damage, broken or easily-damaged pallets play a major role. In fact, just one broken pallet can lead to the rejection of an entire truckload of goods. iGPS' platform has been designed from the ground up to set a new standard in pallet strength, durability and product protection. Utilizing modern materials and advanced design technology, it's a world apart from the typical wood pallet. In fact, a major independent study has found that when businesses switch from wood pallets to iGPS' plastic platform, manufacturers and retailers reduce product damage expense by as much as $.26 to $0.42 per pallet load, respectively.

There are several reasons why iGPS' platform reduces product damage:

Full top deck coverage
No missing boards or gaps between boards to cause loads to shift or expose products to harm

True 48" x 40" Size
Fully protects loads -- no shrink in dimensions or warping common to wood pallets, causing unwanted overhang

Unitized Construction
No nails, splinters or shards to damage packaging or contents

Superior Impact Absorption
iGPS' platform bends to absorb impacts, unlike wood pallets which characteristically break

Meets or exceeds GMA and ISO performance standards

Impervious To Liquids
No platform deterioration in wet environments


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