At iGPS, sustainability and respect for our environment are core to who we are and what we do. We are leading a paradigm shift in the pallet rental business from wood to our all-plastic pallet with embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) tags.

Our pallet is lighter, stronger, safer, and greener.

Saves Fuel

Reduces Pollution

Saves Precious Resources

35% lighter than typical multi-use wood pallets, our all-plastic platform requires less fuel for transport and reduces dependence on foreign oil. Transport costs are reduced as well.

By requiring less fuel for transport, our platforms reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Over the past 150 years, deforestation has contributed an estimated 30% of the atmospheric build-up of CO2, a major greenhouse gas. Wood pallets have been a major factor in deforestation.

Wood vs iGPS

The environmental benefits of plastic over wood are no longer a matter of conjecture. A comprehensive independent life-cycle analysis has examined the impacts of all three types of pallets in use today: the one- way wood pallet, the wood rental pallet and iGPS' all plastic platform. Conducted in accordance with international standards, the analysis examined the "cradle-to-grave" impact each type of platform has on the environment, including ozone layer depletion, global warming potential, and eco-toxicity.


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