What We Offer
iGPS provides the world’s leading companies with the most advanced and cost-efficient pallet-based solutions available today. The company’s lightweight, 100% recyclable plastic pallets and associated technologies yield dramatic savings in transport and production costs and provide new levels of operating efficiency, platform hygiene, product security and customer satisfaction.

The World's Most Advanced Pallet

iGPS rents 48" x 40" edge-rackable pallets that meet or exceed the Grocery Manufacturers of America (GMA) pallet standards. Our pallets are more durable than wood, 35% lighter, impervious to infestation, easier to handle, fire-retardant and 100 percent recyclable.
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Tracking and Tracing with Built-in RFID

RFID (radio frequency identification) is revolutionizing the supply chain, and each iGPS pallet is embedded with state-of-the-art RFID tags, enabling real-time tracking throughout the supply chain. Find Out More »

Proven Operational Savings

iGPS customers consistently report game-changing savings when they switch from wood to iGPS all-plastic pallets with embedded RFID tags. Find Out More »

The Efficiency of Pallet Pooling

With iGPS, businesses pay for only the pallets they use. This frees companies to focus their capital expenditures and day-to-day supply-chain operations where they belong – on their core business. Find Out More »

The New Standard in Sustainable Pallet Rental

Our business model has been created from the ground up with Sustainability as a cornerstone. Independent analyses have documented that iGPS' all-plastic pallet has significantly less environmental impact that the typical pooled multi-use wood pallet. Find Out More »
Plastic or Wood?

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Choosing Plastic
Modern Materials Handling

The Rise of the Plastic Pallet
Modern Materials Handling

RFID Tracking
The first large-scale pallet service with RFID in every pallet

Environmental advantages of plastic vs. wood pallets. (pdf)

Plastic Advantages
iGPS plastic pallets are far superior to wood in many ways
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Sustainability Brochure
Sustainability Brochure
Sustainability Brochure
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